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Flyball is an adrenalin pumping relay race between two teams, each of four dogs. Each dog must run a course over four hurdles towards a Flyball Box that ejects a tennis ball for the dog to catch and return to its owner after jumping back over the four hurdles and through an electronic timing gate. Flyball can be fast and furious depending on the team of dogs, slower dogs have just as much fun as the fast dogs and are very entertaining. 

Our Flyball teams compete under the name of Canberra X-Factor. Our dogs range from the very slow (10 seconds) to the very fast (4 seconds) but they all love it. 

Every dog, regardless of shape, size or breed, can learn Flyball. The X-Factor team includes border collies, jack russells, kelpies, labs, retrievers, spaniels and mixed breed dogs.

Flyball training for beginners is run every Sunday from 3-4pm. If you wish to become part of the next intake, a waiting list can be found in our office where you can provide your contact details before the next intake, or you can contact the Flyball Training Manager via via email.