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A.C.T. Companion Dog Club

The club's behavioural training classes are aligned with the ACT Government's school terms and prospective new members are encouraged to join the club several weeks before the start of each new term to guarantee a place in class. New training courses start in February, April, July and October each year. Our behavioural training classes are held on Sunday mornings, Wednesday mornings and Thursday nights. Membership is valid for an entire year, which gives every member the opportunity to participate in four behavioural training courses per year. Dogs and handlers are assessed during each course to determine if they are ready to progress to the next level.

The club's dog sports accept members at various times of the year. Please contact the club office for more information.

There are no training classes during December/January.

What does it cost?
The cost for new members is $236 for one full year's membership (which includes a joining fee) and membership renewal is $183.50. It may cost more if extra training options are chosen.


How do I pay?
When joining or renewing your membership, you can pay in three ways:

  • By direct credit to our bank account
    Account name: ACT Companion Dog Club
    BSB: 032-729
    Account number: 235628 (please reference your surname and phone number when paying)
  • By cash or credit in person at the office
  • By cheque

What forms do I need to complete?
To join the club you need to complete the 
New Member Application pack and submit it to us with your payment advice and a copy of your dog's vaccination certificates. You can submit your application in person during office hours; by email; or by post.


Your dog must be fully immunised against distemper, canine hepatitis and parvovirus. Canine (kennel) cough is also strongly recommended. Proof of vaccination is required or a letter from your vet stating that your dog's immunisation is adequate and current. This means your dog is likely to be at least 12 weeks old before it can start classes. Please keep in mind that we have waiting lists for some classes, so please submit your New Member Application pack as soon as you can!


To renew your membership, please click here to access the Membership Renewal form to submit along with payment advice.