Agility is a fast-paced mentally and physically challenging sport, where a handler directs their dog to perform a variety of obstacles including jumps, tunnels, hoops, weave poles, elevated platforms and ramps.


What is Agility?

Agility is a game of speed and control and you need to cultivate and harness your dog’s enthusiasm as well as training it to respond to your physical and verbal cues to successfully negotiate obstacles in the correct order.

At a competitive level, dogs and handlers are required to complete the sequence of obstacles or ‘course’ within a set time limit, in the right order and without making any mistakes.

Courses vary in length, with the number of obstacles and handling challenges increasing as you progress through the levels. In Agility classes, obstacle and handling skills are introduced and refined in Levels 1-4 while the Novice, Excellent and Masters classes focus on perfecting the skills needed for trialling, and enhancing the teamwork between the dog and handler.

Am I eligible to participate?

To start Agility training at the Club your dog must be at least 14 months of age and pass an Agility intake test. This test consists of a basic fitness and weight assessment and a demonstration of your dog’s ability to remain under effective control off-lead in the presence of unfamiliar dogs and people.

As all training occurs off-lead, good handler focus and a reliable recall are essential. There is no pre-requisite to participate in the Club’s Behaviour Training program to apply to start Agility training.

When are classes held?

Classes are held over five eight-week sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, occasional weekday mornings and occasional Saturdays and Sundays (depending on the training level) from February until November. Classes continue through the school holidays.

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What is involved in competing?

Agility is a Dogs Australia sanctioned sport and you and your dog must be registered with the relevant state body (eg Dogs ACT or Dogs NSW depending on your place of residence) in order to enter an Agility trial. The entry level for trialling is ‘Novice’ and your instructor can help you decide when you are ready to trial and how to enter a trial.

Visit the Dogs Australia website for the rules for competing in Agility. The Club and other local and regional training clubs host Agility trials several times a year. See our calendar for dates.

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How do I enrol in classes?

Download the Agility Information and Application Pack or send an email to the Club Office for a copy. Read the information carefully as it covers rules for participating in Agility and the skills and handling required to progress through each level of training. Return the application form to the Office and await an invitation to attend an intake test.

You do not need to be a member of the Club to apply but you will need to join the Club if you pass the intake test and are invited to start classes

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