Obedience Trialling

Obedience Trialling is the oldest of the dog sports offered by the Club. It is a dog sport where the handler directs the dog to execute a series of exercises with precision.


What is Obedience Trialling?

In Obedience Trialling the handler and dog perform a series of formal exercises (including heeling at different paces; position changes such as sit, drop and stand; recall; group stays and – at more advanced levels – retrieving a dumbbell, scent discrimination and directed jumping). Handlers may only speak to their dog to give the cue for each exercise and may only praise the dog between exercises.

Exercises progress in duration, distance and discrimination as the dog and handler satisfy each level of competition and strict criteria are applied to the scoring of both the handler and dog’s performance to assess their competency to progress to the higher level. Obedience Trialling requires a high degree of technical skill and teamwork and handlers gain a great sense of satisfaction training their dogs to perform consistently under test conditions.

Am I eligible to participate?

You and your dog must satisfactorily complete Level 2 (Consolidation) in the Club’s Behaviour Training program to start Obedience Trialling unless you have had prior experience in the sport. New handlers participate in an entry-level Skills class before progressing to more advanced training.

When are classes held?

Classes are held on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings during ACT school terms.

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What is involved in competing?

Obedience Trialling is a Dogs Australia sanctioned sport and you and your dog must be registered with the relevant state body (eg Dogs ACT or Dogs NSW depending on your place of residence) in order to enter an Obedience Trial.

The entry level for trialling is ‘Community Companion Dog (CCD)’ or ‘Companion Dog (CD)’ and your instructor can help you decide when you are ready to trial, which level to attempt first and how to enter a trial. Levels above CCD are conducted off-lead. Visit the Dogs Australia website for the rules for competing in Obedience Trialling. The Club and other local and regional training clubs host Obedience Trials several times a year. See our calendar for dates.

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How do I enrol in classes?

Send an email to the Club Office to be put in touch with the Obedience Trialling Convenor.

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