Trick Dog

Trick Dog is one the newest dog sports available to Club members. It involves learning and performing a selection of tricks that demonstrate obvious cooperation between the dog and handler.


What is Trick Dog?

Trick Dog training helps you develop your handling skills while building your dog’s confidence to smoothly perform a selection of tricks. Tricks include going around obstacles, stepping onto platforms, targeting objects, leg weaving, walking backwards, rolling over, spinning, bowing, object discrimination and much more. In competition the number of tricks to be performed vary from 6 to 10, selected from set lists defined in the sport’s rules. Tricks increase in distance, duration and complexity as dogs and handlers progress through the four levels of competition.

The sport is suitable for dogs of any type, and allows handlers to select tricks from the set lists appropriate to the age, conformation and natural ability of their dogs. Trick Dog classes also provide the foundation for participating in Dances With Dogs by enabling handlers to teach their dogs manoeuvres that can subsequently be incorporated into routines to music.

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Am I eligible to participate?

You and your dog must satisfactorily complete Level 2 (Consolidation) in the Club’s Behaviour Training program to start Trick Dog training unless you have had prior experience in the sport.

When are classes held?

Classes are held on Monday and Tuesday evenings during ACT school terms. They are usually held on the Club grounds and occasionally at the Pavilion at the Queanbeyan Showgrounds (off Glebe Ave).  

There are four levels of classes – Starters (for members who are new to the sport), Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Participants are encouraged to provide peer support during classes. 

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What is involved in competing?

Trick Dog is a Dogs Australia sanctioned sport and you and your dog must be registered with the relevant state body (eg Dogs ACT or Dogs NSW depending on your place of residence) in order to enter a Trick Dog competition.

The entry level for trialling is ‘Starters’ and your instructor can help you decide when you are ready to compete and how to enter a competition. Visit the Dogs Australia website for the rules for competing in Trick Dog.

The Club and other local and regional training clubs host Trick Dog Tests several times a year. See our calendar for dates.

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How do I enrol in classes?

Send an email to the Club Office to be put in touch with the Trick Dog Convenor.

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